MY PRAYERS, HIS PLANS?, HIS PROMISES: Welcome friends As you start your journey with me through this inspirational?, motivational, book of devotionals. I pray you take with you the life encouraging quotes and scriptures to get you through your prayer life. Because God has inspired me to birthed this book. I want to encourage you to keep seeking God daily and loving Him as well building a prayer relationship, faith, and trust in God. Be raw with your Father, because He already knows your needs. God wants to give you life and give it more abundantly. So as we go through this journey you will build your faith walk in Christ. I know it will have you stronger in faith.

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Queen Chronicles Walking In Your Singledom by Vanessa Moseley-- As the Holy Spirit dealt with me on this topic of being single and saved. Trying to stay saved while single. I desired to please God while I waited for Him to send me my God sent husband that I had been praying for a couple of years after my divorce. Over the months the Holy Spirit showed me I needed to work on me so I had to change my prayers and focus on asking God to make me the Proverbs 31 woman for the man He had purposed for me. Over the years I've had to deal with old hurt, old attitudes, get rid of bad habits, and start preparing myself to be wife worthy. As you take this journey with me I pray it is uplifting and encouraging as the Holy Spirit wanted me to use some of my experiences in this book to guide single and young women to know there is nothing wrong in waiting on your God sent husband if that is what you desire. This book will help you withstand even if you want to remain single. Will help you to meet with God regularly, and want to keep seeking for Godís heart in your singleness. He will show you how to become fulfilled in your walk with Christ Jesus, for He will truly show you how to be loved in every aspect. You will not want to settle for anything less. Some experiences I've had as well in learning how to wait on God, and in waiting I submitted fully to God, and stayed in His word. Godís word will fill your heart to maintain your walk in your singledom, His Queen.

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